Who said reaction time is for losers Play cubefield

Video games, contraire to many mothers’ beliefs across the world, always have something to offer the player in terms of learning or developing a skill. Many gamers today will dismiss some games as quite boring and ugly due to their simplicity.

Who said reaction time is for losers Play cubefieldNonetheless these retro games always have something to teach us. Mario world, the legend of zelda, Tetris and many more have proven that even across time even without a storyline simple games can be addictive. Any one of the aforementioned games may have consumed many of your hours.

Now check out
Unblocked Cubefield may be brushed off by many onlooking gamers as an old retro game with nothing to offer. However, if I may, I would compare its addictiveness to the likes of highscore beating games like Temple Run or the infamous Flappy Bird. The game is a highscore beating one based upon how fast you can react to change. When it comes to retro games I just want to remind you that number one is Pacxon, check it yourself at www.pacxonunblocked.com.

What’s the catch?
The main character, you, is digitally reconstructed on your computer screen as a triangle and your one goal is to survive. Course through a mine field of the superior geometric race of cubes that are there to stop you.

The game tests your ability to react constantly by constantly changing the arrangement of the cubes. This will constantly drive you to make quick decisions at the moment a change takes place, either in the game or in real life.

play awesome pacxon gameHow to play it?
The game is a lot simpler than you’d expect. You need two buttons on your keyboard and you’re set to go. Zig zag through the cubes using your right and left arrow keys on your keyboard and you’ll be on your way to compete against most of your friends in order to beat their highscore. In the same manner simple gameplay is part of the latest quiz game called Impossible Quiz, this is decent flash game and you can play all version of it at http://impossiblequiz.info/.

That is part of the great appeal of the game. You are pressed to be better than unblocked cubefield developers as well as anyone who dares to challenge your reflexes. The game is beautifully simple with decent graphics and colors for long playing sessions. It is great for those who need a break from fps games or mmorpg’s, games with a lot of neat graphics and storylines but also with a lot more complexity.

There is nothing better to go back to your primal instincts and fending for them. While some may view games like this as dumb and mindnumbing I would prefer to think of them as simple and mind freeing.