What you should know about Uphill Rush

Uphill rush is a game in which we can drive a motorcycle just like at Happy Wheels 3, skateboard, monster-truck or a quad. It is a very addictive game in which the player drives the different vehicles on a hill with bends and curves. On the title screen you will find options for Play game,

Uphill Rush

How to Play and High Scores.
Playing the game is very easy and requires minimal use of keys. You can accelerate using ‘up’ key, reverse using ‘down’ key and steer left and right using ‘left’ and ‘right’ keys respectively of the keyboard. Apart from this you can jump using ‘space’ key and launch turbo speed by pressing alphabet ‘z’ key. At any time during your play you can pause using alphabet ‘p’ key and look at a mini-map by pressing alphabet ‘m’ key.

The game has three modes, an easy mode, a normal and a hard mode. You can unlock normal and hard mode by completing easy and normal mode respectively. At the game you have five lives, your score is displayed and also a reverse timer is put according to the game mode.

So just download Uphill task game and compete with your friends for high score.