Want to Play Yukon Solitaire Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

Yukon Solitaire is very similar to Klondike Solitaire in game play, and works best when played individually. This game, played with a 52 card deck, is based on patience and strategy and does not use many materials. The simple set up and easy-to-learn rules makes it a quick game for all ages.


To begin, first of all visit some gaming site  where you can find free online version of this game, after this take out the joker cards from a 52 card deck and shuffle thoroughly. Once the deck has been shuffled, lay out twenty-eight cards in seven columns. The layout of the columns from left to right is as follows; column number one consists of one card laying face up; column two has six cards with five face side up; column three has seven cards with five face up; column four has eight cards with five face side up; column five has nine cards with five face up; column six has ten cards with five facing up; and column seven has eleven cards with five face side up. The covered cards are all at the top of the deck with the uncovered cards at the bottom. When setting up the columns, be sure to leave ample space on the right hand side for the four foundation piles of each card suit.


The object of the game is to complete each foundation pile for each card suit. The cards should be stacked in the foundation is ascending order, from ace to king. There are four foundation piles, one for each card suit.

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Any face up card from any column can be moved to another column to make an ascending sequence of cards, however, the cards must be placed in alternating colours. If a face up card is moved that is not at the bottom of a column, all of the cards below it must also be moved to the new column with it. The cards that move as a result do not have to be in sequence or alternating colors. If the join between two columns is descending and alternating in colours then the move is valid. As each ace card is uncovered and available, it may be transfered to the foundation pile for the respective suit.

yukon-solitaireAs the game play progresses, empty columns may arrise. When this happens, any available kings may be moved to the empty space and start the head of a new ascending column. Likewise, as soon as a face down card is at the bottom of a column, it is available for game play and may be turned right side up. The game ends when all of the four foundation piles have been completed in ascending order with the appropriate suits.

The control are very simple, by using your hands to shift the cards to and from various columns the covered cards become available for use. Since this is a table top card game, there are no other materials needed..