Dominate your opponents in this addictive strategy game, Unblocked Tank Trouble

Dominate your opponents in this addictive strategy game, Unblocked Tank TroubleINTRODUCTION:
Unblocked Tank Trouble is a strategy tank war game. In this game, each player controls a tank. This addictive game can be played in single player, two player, and three player modes. The gameplay is split into matches. In each match, the goal is to destroy the other player’s tank by firing shells at their tank. When you fire, it doesn’t really have to hit the other tank in a row. The fire can dodge through walls and this can be used to add extra strategy into the game. There are also additional addable effects to your basic attacks. The interesting part of this game is that your shells can also hit you! So play strategically.

The three main modes of gameplay are single player, two players and three players. In the single player mode, you will be playing against ‘Laika’, a computer controlled AI tank. It is named after a dog which was one of the first animals to actually travel to space. This mode is quite tough. You will need to play carefully and strategically because Laika is super tricky to deal with. She is fast and efficient. The two player mode is where you can play with you friend on the same computer. When it starts each player are given different controls so that you don’t need to have a different keyboard or mouse to play with. The three player mode is basically the two player mode except that you can have three players play on the same computer.


SINGLE PLAYER MODE: There is only one control you can use, directional buttons for movement and M button to shoot.

TWO PLAYER MODE: One player will be given the same control as the single player mode and the other gets E,S,D,F to move and Q to shoot.

THREE PLAYERS MODE: Two players get the controls from the previous mode and the third can use the mouse to move and left to shoot.

tank-drawingTIPS AND TRICKS: 1.Remember, 3 Tank Trouble is a game of strategy. So, the one who takes the right decision and acts quicker is the winner.2.Use walls to your advantage. Try to quickly grasp where the shells are going to get bounced and quickly move to another side of the wall.3.Always move, don’t stay at one place. If you stay at one place and just fires, the chances are one of your own shells will blast your own tank.4.When playing the three players mode, try to grab the mouse before your friends do! The mouse is a bit smoother to play with.

Go, dominate your opponents and end the war in triumph in this addictive action packed game. Game is free to play by the way and you can find it at