What you should know about Uphill Rush

Uphill rush is a game in which we can drive a motorcycle just like at Happy Wheels 3, skateboard, monster-truck or a quad. It is a very addictive game in which the player drives the different vehicles on a hill with bends and curves. On the title screen you will find options for Play game,

Uphill Rush

How to Play and High Scores.
Playing the game is very easy and requires minimal use of keys. You can accelerate using ‘up’ key, reverse using ‘down’ key and steer left and right using ‘left’ and ‘right’ keys respectively of the keyboard. Apart from this you can jump using ‘space’ key and launch turbo speed by pressing alphabet ‘z’ key. At any time during your play you can pause using alphabet ‘p’ key and look at a mini-map by pressing alphabet ‘m’ key.

The game has three modes, an easy mode, a normal and a hard mode. You can unlock normal and hard mode by completing easy and normal mode respectively. At the game you have five lives, your score is displayed and also a reverse timer is put according to the game mode.

So just download Uphill task game and compete with your friends for high score.


Who said reaction time is for losers Play cubefield

Video games, contraire to many mothers’ beliefs across the world, always have something to offer the player in terms of learning or developing a skill. Many gamers today will dismiss some games as quite boring and ugly due to their simplicity.

Who said reaction time is for losers Play cubefieldNonetheless these retro games always have something to teach us. Mario world, the legend of zelda, Tetris and many more have proven that even across time even without a storyline simple games can be addictive. Any one of the aforementioned games may have consumed many of your hours.

Now check out
Unblocked Cubefield may be brushed off by many onlooking gamers as an old retro game with nothing to offer. However, if I may, I would compare its addictiveness to the likes of highscore beating games like Temple Run or the infamous Flappy Bird. The game is a highscore beating one based upon how fast you can react to change. When it comes to retro games I just want to remind you that number one is Pacxon, check it yourself at www.pacxonunblocked.com.

What’s the catch?
The main character, you, is digitally reconstructed on your computer screen as a triangle and your one goal is to survive. Course through a mine field of the superior geometric race of cubes that are there to stop you.

The game tests your ability to react constantly by constantly changing the arrangement of the cubes. This will constantly drive you to make quick decisions at the moment a change takes place, either in the game or in real life.

play awesome pacxon gameHow to play it?
The game is a lot simpler than you’d expect. You need two buttons on your keyboard and you’re set to go. Zig zag through the cubes using your right and left arrow keys on your keyboard and you’ll be on your way to compete against most of your friends in order to beat their highscore. In the same manner simple gameplay is part of the latest quiz game called Impossible Quiz, this is decent flash game and you can play all version of it at http://impossiblequiz.info/.

That is part of the great appeal of the game. You are pressed to be better than unblocked cubefield developers as well as anyone who dares to challenge your reflexes. The game is beautifully simple with decent graphics and colors for long playing sessions. It is great for those who need a break from fps games or mmorpg’s, games with a lot of neat graphics and storylines but also with a lot more complexity.

There is nothing better to go back to your primal instincts and fending for them. While some may view games like this as dumb and mindnumbing I would prefer to think of them as simple and mind freeing.


Dominate your opponents in this addictive strategy game, Unblocked Tank Trouble

Dominate your opponents in this addictive strategy game, Unblocked Tank TroubleINTRODUCTION:
Unblocked Tank Trouble is a strategy tank war game. In this game, each player controls a tank. This addictive game can be played in single player, two player, and three player modes. The gameplay is split into matches. In each match, the goal is to destroy the other player’s tank by firing shells at their tank. When you fire, it doesn’t really have to hit the other tank in a row. The fire can dodge through walls and this can be used to add extra strategy into the game. There are also additional addable effects to your basic attacks. The interesting part of this game is that your shells can also hit you! So play strategically.

The three main modes of gameplay are single player, two players and three players. In the single player mode, you will be playing against ‘Laika’, a computer controlled AI tank. It is named after a dog which was one of the first animals to actually travel to space. This mode is quite tough. You will need to play carefully and strategically because Laika is super tricky to deal with. She is fast and efficient. The two player mode is where you can play with you friend on the same computer. When it starts each player are given different controls so that you don’t need to have a different keyboard or mouse to play with. The three player mode is basically the two player mode except that you can have three players play on the same computer.


SINGLE PLAYER MODE: There is only one control you can use, directional buttons for movement and M button to shoot.

TWO PLAYER MODE: One player will be given the same control as the single player mode and the other gets E,S,D,F to move and Q to shoot.

THREE PLAYERS MODE: Two players get the controls from the previous mode and the third can use the mouse to move and left to shoot.

tank-drawingTIPS AND TRICKS: 1.Remember, 3 Tank Trouble is a game of strategy. So, the one who takes the right decision and acts quicker is the winner.2.Use walls to your advantage. Try to quickly grasp where the shells are going to get bounced and quickly move to another side of the wall.3.Always move, don’t stay at one place. If you stay at one place and just fires, the chances are one of your own shells will blast your own tank.4.When playing the three players mode, try to grab the mouse before your friends do! The mouse is a bit smoother to play with.

Go, dominate your opponents and end the war in triumph in this addictive action packed game. Game is free to play by the way and you can find it at http://tanktroubleunblocked.me/.

Return Man 3 provides addicting gameplay and an NFL – like feel

As football fanatics, we look to find games that combine the excitement of online gaming with the thrill of football. Return Man 3, a game on the ESPN Arcade website, provides this perfect balance. It holds a 9.2 (out of 10) satisfaction rating, showing that it’s a well designed game. Here are the basic features of
Return Man 3 flash game :

Return Man 3 provides addicting gameplay and an NFL - like feelControls
(I) – Run forward up the field
(J) – Run left
(K) – Run down the field
(L) – Run right

Note: If you’d like, you can use the arrow keys on your computer instead. Left arrow moves you to the left, right arrow moves you to the right, up arrow moves you forward and down arrow moves you backward.
As you progress throughout the game, you receive advanced controls in order to spin, hurdle, etc. When you have unlocked those controls, they will display in the upper right hand corner of your screen (and which key to press in order to use it), and you can use them throughout the game, for more details check official blog.

As the phrase “return man” infers, the main objective is to receive the kickoff and return the ball to the end zone without being tackled. You are given four lives per game, and you can add lives with consecutive touchdown streaks.

In order to receive the ball, move the returner to the yellow circle. Once you catch the ball, move the returner using whichever set of controls you prefer: basic (I, J, K, L) or alternate (arrow keys). Avoid being tackled, and watch out for the kicker! He is faster than the other defenders, and while he can not tackle you singlehandedly, he will drag you, slowing you down until the other defenders arrive to make the tackle. Along the way, there are some “energy boosts” available in returnman3 (they look like green circles with a yellow lightning bolt) that can give you a temporary speed boost.

Game Levels
There are three levels (called “weeks” in this game) and five stages in each week. Week 1 is called “Opening Week”, Week 2 is called “Down and Dirty”, and Week 3 is called “Hold on Tight”. Unlock the next stage by beating the previous one. Of course, each stage and level are a little bit tougher than the last, but you do receive more energy boosts and extra controls to help you out.

footballfieldIs it worth playing?
If you are a big football fan, or at least enjoy football games , this game is perfect for you. It combines the perfect amount of thrill and simple game controls. Just make sure to find the end zone!


Brief review of Impossible Quiz 2

Impossible Quiz 2 answers is actually the return of the well-known Impossible Quiz, the mind-boggling puzzle video game developed by Splapp-me-do. This particular game relies upon a seemingly basic idea – you respond a question (typically in a multiple choice form) every page, advancing to the next in case you are right, losing 1 of 5 lives in case you fail. The game will be won if you reach the end, lost in case you lose all of your lives. At times, there is no appropriate answer. The solutions to these types of queries do become obvious with a little doubtfulness of smart you. This game itself explains what it takes: luck, quick reflexes, insane mouse skills as well as some traditional ridiculous logic.

impossible quiz 2The Instructions
Every now and then your careful efforts to think around the corners are rudely disrupted by the appearance of bombs. If the timers of these bombs run down it is game over. It might not really seem like much; however, the sudden appearance of a bomb entails a few slick handling.
This launch of this game consists of Skips, found at different points with a little bit of searching. You will find a total of 3 found during the entire quiz; therefore, keep your eyes open. To activate a Skip, just click the icon at the bottom of the screen. Making use of a skip does just what it sounds like it does: it is possible to Skip a query entirely. Use them sensibly; you never realize when you might suddenly require one.
Fuse-stoppers are a completely new addition to the video game. These animals wake up on the display screen anytime they detect a ticking bomb. Quick reflexes allow you to click all of them and get rid of virtually any bomb which is ticking away. Additionally, there are just 3 of these existing in the Quiz; therefore, make sure to find them all.
The Controls
Without offering too much away, this game demands most of your keyboard as well as your mouse (a mouse instead of a track pad is most effective for quite a few of the quick stuff). Be ready to use either of them at short notice!

Be aware
Impossible Quiz 2 isn’t the typical web page game. Have fun with it at your own personal risk; this particular game usually takes over your life for some time.

Want to Play Yukon Solitaire Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

Yukon Solitaire is very similar to Klondike Solitaire in game play, and works best when played individually. This game, played with a 52 card deck, is based on patience and strategy and does not use many materials. The simple set up and easy-to-learn rules makes it a quick game for all ages.


To begin, first of all visit some gaming site  where you can find free online version of this game, after this take out the joker cards from a 52 card deck and shuffle thoroughly. Once the deck has been shuffled, lay out twenty-eight cards in seven columns. The layout of the columns from left to right is as follows; column number one consists of one card laying face up; column two has six cards with five face side up; column three has seven cards with five face up; column four has eight cards with five face side up; column five has nine cards with five face up; column six has ten cards with five facing up; and column seven has eleven cards with five face side up. The covered cards are all at the top of the deck with the uncovered cards at the bottom. When setting up the columns, be sure to leave ample space on the right hand side for the four foundation piles of each card suit.


The object of the game is to complete each foundation pile for each card suit. The cards should be stacked in the foundation is ascending order, from ace to king. There are four foundation piles, one for each card suit.

Follow this site to find more about another version of this game which is very entertaining as well!


Any face up card from any column can be moved to another column to make an ascending sequence of cards, however, the cards must be placed in alternating colours. If a face up card is moved that is not at the bottom of a column, all of the cards below it must also be moved to the new column with it. The cards that move as a result do not have to be in sequence or alternating colors. If the join between two columns is descending and alternating in colours then the move is valid. As each ace card is uncovered and available, it may be transfered to the foundation pile for the respective suit.

yukon-solitaireAs the game play progresses, empty columns may arrise. When this happens, any available kings may be moved to the empty space and start the head of a new ascending column. Likewise, as soon as a face down card is at the bottom of a column, it is available for game play and may be turned right side up. The game ends when all of the four foundation piles have been completed in ascending order with the appropriate suits.

The control are very simple, by using your hands to shift the cards to and from various columns the covered cards become available for use. Since this is a table top card game, there are no other materials needed..

A comprehensive review of Happy Wheels game

Happy Wheels is an online flash game, based on graphics and it can be found at official blog @ http://happywheelsunblocked.me/. You can Play Happy Wheels online, through which you will have an extremely intriguing game play and you will be quite addicted to the game. The game is intended for players who have a physically powerful stomach though. You can anticipate seeing lots of blood and guts in this competently designed game that combines a seriously twisted sense of comedy and physics.

A comprehensive review of Happy Wheels gameControl keys of the game:

The main control keys of the Happy Wheels game include the space bar, four arrows, Ctrl, shift, and the letter “Z”. It can be tricky to manage your character during your initial tries as the controls feel rather heavy or belated to use.

About the game:

Happy Wheels is a very challenging game and you may discover yourself on manifold failed efforts at a particular level or road. Once you wound your character, the parts of your body fall off and blood drops gradually pending you cannot move further. To be capable of completing missions, you should have an immense deal of staying power and perfect timing.

If you are a player enjoy playing the gory games, you will love the effects of the Happy Wheels game while characters are penetrated through fences full of thorns and their blood scatters across the land, also there is unblocked version available on the official site. One more interesting feature in the game is the level editor that facilitates you to make new terrains and regulate the level of complexity, a feature, which will come in handy afterward when players have successfully completed all the available stages.

How to play the game?

Similar to many other flash games, you have to start playing demo of Happy Wheels online by choosing a level and a character. Moreover, this game has prepared with fairly a dark range of characters. The game starts with four essential characters to decide from, but you can undo more as you move forward in the game.

The primary character is a rough old man driving a wheelchair, the next character is a businessman driving a private vehicle, the third man is driving a bicycle with a traveler in the back seat and the final character is a gigantic woman driving a scooter for the impaired. These characters flawlessly complement the highly hazardous levels they will walk through later.

The main objective in the game is to move far across a particular road or level without wounding your character. Even the smallest part of your body or a drop of blood is lost, then it will result to an unsuccessful mission. If you like to move forward to steeper lanes, you should press the space bar key and then have an attempt to arrive at it again. As long as you contain the main torso of the character, you can go on playing the game even if its hands and feet have been torn off from a drop.